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Tips to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

tips-to-eat-more-fruits-and-vegetablesA healthy diet becomes more and more crucial as we age. Nevertheless, we as family caregivers may sometimes find it difficult to encourage seniors to eat fruits and vegetables. As a nursing agency, Sheriff In-Home Care LLC understands it needs patience to persuade the elderly to do something. But you should not give up, and let them know you are doing it for their own well-being.

If you still get no’s from your senior loved ones, try out these tips. Along with our home health care in Gaithersburg, Maryland, here are some ways to add fruits and vegetables to your elderly’s diet.

  • Add to Favorite Dishes
    Try to incorporate vegetables into something they already love. However, make sure the veggies are less noticeable to their eyes.
  • Prepare a Delicious Smoothie
    Bring out the blender and find healthy and mouth-watering fruit smoothie recipes. You can add this to their snack time or in the morning.
  • Get Rid of Junk Foods
    One study shows that in order to eat healthier, you should get rid of unhealthy options. When grocery shopping, let your seniors choose a fruit or vegetable of their taste.
  • Hire a Professional
    If you become a lot busier at work or at school, you might be unable to monitor your elderly’s diet. With that, you can hire a trained home health aide in Maryland to ensure your loved one eats right even when you’re away.

Proper nutrition undeniably plays a vital role in one’s health. That is why in-home care experts pay attention to meals and diets to make sure older adults live their golden years the best way possible!

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