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The Vital Signs to Monitor at Home

The Vital Signs to Monitor at Home

Monitoring is a critical phase in managing health conditions. Whether in the hospital or at home, monitoring the patient’s vital signs provide significant details on the patient’s status, response to the medication, and other needs.

Your home health care in Gaithersburg, Maryland ensures vital signs are monitored and recorded accordingly and completely. Our accurate measurements and effective record-keeping show how organized we can be to provide quality care.

You can discuss with your Nursing Agency about the nurses to take measurements of your patient’s basic functions. The four main vital signs they monitor are body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure. They are also equipped with the tool and equipment to take accurate measurements of said functions and they make sure taking notes does not make your loved ones uncomfortable.

There are many ways your healthcare professional can take these measurements. We consider the patient’s condition and their overall disposition. We also take note of the timelines and observe strict follow-through on the schedule of measurement. These records are kept organized with relevant observations highlighted. The vitals are not just numbers – they accurately represent how the patient is.

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